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Golden Carrot Society

The Golden Carrot Society
Founded: 3/9/2020
Founder: Zip_Z

Who are we?
The Golden Carrot Society (GCS) is an underground organization operating primarily from within the Mumaus Prison walls.

Who Can Join?
Not just anyone. We select out members very carefully.
We will either contact you through a representative, or you may apply.
But if you apply, be ready to prove your worth to our existing members.

How Can I Apply?
Direct message Zip_Z on discord and ask for the application.

Who Are Members?
Golden Carrot Society protects the identity of the majority of its members.
Should a member decide to go public about their membership, then that is their personal decision.

Who Can't Join?
Guards and players who are blacklisted from the society.

Who Is On the Blacklist?
This information is private and only The Founder (Zip_Z) has direct access to it.

(Members of the GCS blacklist are decided purely based upon in game reasoning. Should a dispute arise concerning the blacklist, an Admin, Warden, or Head Mod, will be given access to requested players information.)
~ Zip_Z ~
Discord: Zip_Z#9431

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