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Enforcement Protocol

[Image: enforcement_protocol_jpg.jpg]
Throughout a staff member's career, they will be faced with numerous different situations, in which it can be difficult to decide what to do.  This list was created in order to help maintain and uniform and comprehensive rule enforcement protocol.  All staff members should study this, as well as new applicants.  Keep in mind, this is a guideline as opposed to a strict code, as long as the basic outlines are followed, all is good.

Always remember, we are trying to be both fair, and willing to give players room to change with our punishments.

This list will be continually updated and revised as times change, the rules must too.  Any suggestions/improvements can be sent via forum PM to DCX.

Non-Staff, please note that while this is open to the public, it does not make you an expert on the rules.  Do not tell staff what to do.

• Spam
- Definition: Spamming can be quickly filling the chat with messages, or repeatedly saying the same thing over and over. Example “Buy my plot!!1!” (x10) is spam, as is mashing the keyboard and hitting enter.  A good guideline is 3 or more of the same or extremely similar messages.
- Punishment: Warn player, and mute for under 30 minutes if you see fit.  If the spam is bad, a tempban for 1 day or under is acceptable.
- Notes: Brand new players, who connect and immediately begin spamming may be permabanned, as they will never become real members of the community.  If a player is reporting that another player is privately spamming them with money transactions or PMs, ask the player to screenshot it and send it to you.
Players may attempt to buy or sell something in chat.  This is fine, unless they are entering the exact same message in chat every few minutes.  Ask them to stop, and if they do not cease their activities, follow protocol.
- Reason(s): Spam, Spam via PM.

• Begging
- Definition: Begging is a player repeatedly demanding something from another player.  This can be begging for money to rank up (most common), for their items back, or for a player to sell them something.
- Punishment: Verbal warning first time(s), then a mute, no more than 15 minutes, and third time, a warning.
- Notes: C prisoners are the most common beggars by far, but they also are likely to listen to a verbal warning.  Giving several verbal warnings to a C before using /warn, would not be looked down upon.  Begging and spam go hand in hand, sometimes a player will spam their begging message.  In this case, use the spam protocol.
- Reason(s): Spam (begging), Spam (begging) via PM.

• Advertising
- Definition: Advertising is a player connecting to the server, and sending another server’s IP in chat, inviting players to join it.
- Punishment: Permaban right away, and /cc as swiftly as is humanly possible.
- Notes: Sometimes players will try to advertise websites, and YouTube channels.  This can be a bit tricky, but as a general rule, just ask them to stop.  NEVER open links that appear unsafe.
Inviting other players to a server by saying the name in chat or recruiting them to help create a server is also bannable. Example “hey xXmindless_sheepXx wanna come to with me????”  Or “hey im starting a new server called Bad Prison! join and get op”.
Banning and clearing chat can be a difficult task, try to work out with other staff members who bans and clears chat.  A good rule to go by is active guards clear the chat, and moderators ban.
- Reason(s): Advertising.

• Hacking
- Definition: Hacking is the use of a modified Minecraft client, which gives the user a distinct advantage over the other players.
- Punishment: Permaban
- Notes: Hacking can be difficult to catch.  Unless you are completely sure the player is hacking (i.e. have experience dealing with whatever they are doing, and it’s obvious that they are) you must /freeze them, and immediately inform them that they will be banned if they log out.  Then, request that they take screenshots of their options, controls and esc menus, and upload them to  It is critical that you make it VERY clear what they must do, in order to be released.
If they logoff, permaban them.  If someone is clearly stalling, and taking an extreme amount of time, you may go ahead and ban them.
- Reason(s): Hacked Client, X-Ray, Logging when asked to provide screenshots.

• Wasting Staff Time
- Definition: When a player does anything to intentionally waste the time of staff members.  Things like them saying "i have nodus!", when, after being checked, they are clean or "Someones camping my plot in armor!", when the only person in armor is them, trying to kill you.
- Punishment: With the hacking examples, always warn them.  But with the guard examples, be more lax.  Until someone is repeatedly being a nuisance with it, don't issue a warning.
- Notes: A lot of C's who say they are hacking, genuinely are.  This rule is for longtime players who are likely to say dumb things like this.
- Reason(s): Wasting staff time, Annoyance, Crying wolf.

• Language
- Definition: Language is the use of explicit language in chat.  While most of it is blocked, it can be used in PM, and players always find ways to bypass the filter.
- Punishment: A verbal warning for mild language by C’s the first time, after that, /warn them, and possibly mute depending on severity, and how it was used.
- Notes: Because of the filter, many new players will try to swear, and become confused by the filter blocking it.  Tell them to stop trying to swear, and if they continue, follow spam protocol.
Players who are angry, are prone to sending profane PMs to other players.  If a player reports this, ask them for a screenshot of it.  Sometimes players will create images of a phallus or breasts using symbols.  You may warn them for this.
- Reason(s): Language, Language via PM, Obscene/Vulgar Messages, Bypassing the Filter.

• Inappropriate Conversations
- Definition: one or more player(s) saying vulgar, unsettling or sexually explicit things in chat.
- Punishment: A warning and/or a mute will do nicely.
- Notes: This comprises things that are not really language based, but still not appropriate for chat. Think talking about having sex.
- Reason(s): Inappropriate Conversation, Obscene Messages

• Disrespect
- Definition: Disrespect is one player being rude to another player.
- Punishment: This is entirely dependent upon the severity of the disrespect.  For minor disrespect, a verbal warning will suffice.  For anything moderate, a warning, and anything severe, a /warn and /mute will do.
- Notes: What is and isn’t disrespect is entirely based upon the moderator’s judgment.  A good rule to go by is, what would you not want someone saying to you.  As with other chat based rules, PM disrespect is something to watch for players complaining about.
In cases of extreme disrespect, most likely coupled with language, a permaban may be issued.  These cases are often verbal threats upon another player.  As always, try to reason with the player and get them to calm down before issuing any punitive measures.
- Reason(s): Disrespect, Disrespect via PM, Extreme Disrespect.

• Hate Speech
- Definition: Hate speech is disrespect (or in worst case, threats) towards other players based on ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexuality.  Telling players to commit suicide is also considered hate speech.  It gets its own category, as it is generally considered worse than run-of-the-mill disrespect.
- Punishment: This varies widely based upon what exactly the offender was speaking against.  Like disrespect, this also requires a moderator’s judgment.  For any case, a warning must be issued, along with a mute.  More severe cases should result in a permaban.
- Notes: Any cases of hate speech must be handled with great sensitivity and care, most of all if they were committed over PM.  Players can be highly offended by this, and with good reason.
- Reason(s): Racism, Hate Speech, Encouraging Suicide.

• Impersonating Staff
- Definition: Impersonating staff, is anytime a regular player pretends to be a staff member, for personal gain, or amusement.  This can be anything from counting down like a guard, asking for screenshots from a player, or saying they will ban someone.
- Punishment: /warn and /mute.  If they’re new, a verbal instruction not to do it again will do the trick.
- Notes: Some players may connect and pretend to be PMC staff, in order to gain OP rank, to “review” the server.  This is always a lie, go ahead and warn and mute them.
Another thing to be careful of, is players counting down for other things.  Make sure it is them impersonating staff, before you issue the warning.
- Reason(s): Impersonating Staff, Impersonating Staff (PMC).

• Offensive Skins
- Definition: A player with a skin displaying nudity, language (weird tattoos some people get) or hateful individuals (think Bin Laden or Hitler).
- Punishment: First, /kick (player) “Change your skin!” then, if they return wearing their offensive skin, /freeze them and demand they change it, or get banned.  Leave them frozen until they have relogged and changed it.  If they still refuse, permaban.
- Notes: Some players may have issues changing it.  If you do not see any change, make sure they are re-launching the launcher, and if that still doesn’t work, call over other players to take a look.
- Reason(s): Offensive Skin.

• Glitch Abuse
- Definition: Glitch abuse is a player exploiting a bug in the game for personal gain. The most common forms are block lag jumping and hitting through closed doors.
- Punishment: /warn, in extreme cases in which it will damage the prison, permaban and immediately inform an Admin.
- Notes: Glitch abuse can be tricky to catch, because it's not easily captured in a screenshot.  Often catching forms of glitch abuse is some detective work.  Players will often fess up to it.
Glitch abuse covers a vast number of things, many of which cannot be predicted here, as people always find new glitches.  If someone is abusing a glitch that will damage the prison, you must immediately report to an Admin.  Do not ever explain the glitch to any players who may ask.
- Reason(s): Glitch Abuse (name of glitch being abused).

• Duping
- Definition: Duping (or duplicating) is a player exploiting bugs in minecraft to duplicate items or cash.
- Punishment: Permaban
- Notes: This is an incredibly severe crime, and should not be handled alone.  An admin MUST be alerted before actions are taken.  Failure to alert an admin of a duper's actions can result in being fired, or much worse.  This is the most severe form of glitch abuse.
- Reason(s): Duping.

• Smuggling
- Definition: A player illicitly moving items from free, into the prison.
- Punishment: Permaban, if it went unreported.
- Notes: Smuggling is incredibly difficult to catch, and will almost always require an admin's intervention.  In the case you may happen upon a player whom has banned items, either confiscate them or detain them right away, and contact an Admin.  Failure to report, will result in a severe punishment.
- Reason(s): Smuggling.

• Harassment
- Definition: Harassment is one player ruining another's experience on the server.  Players will find a million ways to annoy each other, so just do your best to monitor it.
- Punishment: Ask the offending player to cut it out, if they do not, warn or mute them, whichever is most effective for situation.
- Notes: Enforcing this requires some good judgement on the staff member's part, you must be careful to resolve the dispute in a fair way, without being too overbearing.
- Reason(s): Harassment, Annoyance.

• Sexual Harassment

- Definition:  Sexual Harassment is a player making rude and sexual comments to another player, based upon their gender.
- Punishment: Warn them right away, and possibly mute.  If it gets excessive, do not fear a tempban.
- Notes: The goal is to make sure that all our players feel comfortable and safe on the server, so do not underestimate the effects small comments can have.  If one player appears to be hitting on another, message the player and ask them if they're okay with it before issuing the warning.
- Reason(s): Sexual Harassment.

• Harassing Miners
- Definition: Harassing Miners is, as it sounds, when one player begins to harass another whilst they are mining.  This can be simply getting in the way, covering their hole up as they mine, or just excessive annoyance within the mines.
- Punishment: A verbal warning will suffice the first time someone breaks this rule, and a warning will do each extra time.
- Notes: This is extremely hard to catch without vanish, but do your best.  Always respond when a player is saying someone is bothering them.  A lot of players will claim they are doing nothing wrong, simply inform them that your job is to make sure everyone enjoys themselves, and that they are getting in the way of that for someone.
- Reason(s): Harassing Miners.

• Distributing Personal Information
- Definition: This is when one player shares sensitive personal information about another player.
- Punishment: For more mild cases, a /warn will suffice.  For more serious cases, a tempban, or even permaban can be used as retribution.
- Notes: This comes down a lot to what players are comfortable with sharing. If you're unsure, contact the player in question and ask them their feelings about it.
- Reason(s): Revealing Personal Information

• DDoS Threat
- Definition: When a player threatens to crash the server and website by using a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.
- Punishment: Permaban, and screenshot the player's name.
- Notes: A DDoS attack is against the law in the United States, so this is a serious threat and should be treated as much.  All staff, and admins most of all must be alerted of the threat, and admin provided with the username of the player who issued the threat.
- Reason(s): Threatening DDoS Attack.

• Inappropriate Name
- Definition: When a player's name contains vulgar or racist language of any kind.
- Punishment: Permaban
- Notes: If their name contains language (not something like hack) that is blocked by the filter, you may ban them.
- Reason(s): Inappropriate Name.

• Inappropriate Links in Chat
- Definition: When a player posts links to shock sites, porn sites, or anything else with graphic or sexually explicit content.
- Punishment: /warn, /mute and then /cc.  If they're just spamming it, ban them.
- Notes: If you are unsure of the contents of the link *DO NOT* click it.  Either ask other staff, or Google it, as you can usually ascertain what it is by what else comes up in a Google search.
- Reason(s): Graphic Links.

• Griefing
- Definition: Placing or destroying blocks with intentions of disrupting other players.
- Punishment: In prison, you will mostly see players build symbols into the mines.  This will most likely consist of language, body parts, hate symbols, and hate speech.  Simply follow the protocol for whichever applies.  As for faction griefing, an admin should be immediately informed.
- Notes: In serious forms, this is mostly to be handled by Admins.  Your job is to minimize damage, and assist the admins in information and evidence gathering in anyway you can.  If a player ignores your first warning about griefing and continue, go ahead and tempban them for no more than a day.
- Reason(s): Griefing.

• Scamming
- Definition: When one player withholds from their end of a deal in order to either keep items, or money.
- Punishment: A warning, with provided proof. Twice the scammed amount taken by an admin.
- Notes: Since moderators cannot return the money to the scammed player, explain to them to post on the forums (accusations/reports sub-section) with proof of the scam. Be sure to report the scam to an Admin as well. This protocol doesn't usually covers loans though.
- Reason(s): Scamming, Attempted Scamming.

• Banned Player's Alts
- Definition: A player who has been banned's alternate accounts, that they may use to access the server and begin playing again.
- Punishment: Temp/Permaban
- Notes: The uncovering of alts is usually and best done by an IP check conducted by an admin.  However, sometimes they will reveal themselves to be banned players.  If the player is bypassing a tempban, simply tempban them as long as their regular account was.
- Reason(s): Alt of Banned Player.

• Sparking a Flame War
- Definition: When a player sparks a heated argument over a controversial subject.  Think political or religious subjects.
- Punishment: The first time, tell who ever started it to stop and not attempt to stir up flame wars again.  Tell any players who continually argue it out to stop, or be muted.  If a player keeps egging them on, warn and mute them.
- Notes: Players will often attempt to argue about this rule, as they are already fired up.  Merely tell them that this is a Minecraft server, not a debate competition.  The other common argument is "I have freedom of speech." Just tell them that by playing with us, they agree to play by our rules, and to keep their opinions on such matters to themselves.
- Reason(s): Sparking a Flame War.

• Corruption
- Definition: When a staff member abuses their rank, for personal gain.
- Punishment: Revoking of rank, and a heavy fine, as well as a warning.
- Notes: This rule only applies to staff members.  For guards this could be selling contraband to prisoners, or protecting their friends over others.  For mods, this could be only punishing players they dislike. ~All mods must include the word "beaver" in their application, in order to be accepted.~
- Reason(s): Corruption.

• Extortion
- Definition: When one player attempts to blackmail another player into paying them off, so they won't report them for something.
- Punishment: A warning.  If the player successfully extorted money, 2x what was gained should be revoke by an Admin.
- Notes: This rule is not often broken, and unfortunately, is unlikely to be reported unless the player was attempting to extort money over almost nothing.
- Reason(s): Extortion, Attempted Extortion.

• Bribery
- Definition: When one player offers monetary compensation to another player, so they won't report incriminating screenshots, or otherwise.
- Punishment: A warning.  If the player successfully bribed someone, 2x what was given should be revoke by an Admin.
- Notes: This rule is not often broken, and unfortunately, is unlikely to be reported.
- Reason(s): Bribery, Attempted Bribery.

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