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Addressing A Few Things

Addressing A Few Things I and Others Have Observed/Experienced

[Image: exclamation.png] PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! [Image: exclamation.png]
I, and many others, understand that this is a server that was started in 2011 and shut down sometime in early 2015.
That said, we understand that there is about 5-6 years of plugin changes to get resolved. So in NO WAY is this a "Oh I wish the staff cared..." thread.
I am making this thread to hopefully provide a home for people observations who are playing in the earlier days of this servers revival.
Mumaus Prison has history, good and bad, but I one thing is certain. People who play on it know how to express their opinions properly.

[Image: heart.png] So please, a final reminder to treat the staff with respect. They all want this server to do just as well as we do. [Image: heart.png]
[Image: biggrin.png] If you can't engage in a critical thinking, suggestion provoking, and problem solving discussion in a respectful and pleasant manner, then just don't get involved at all. [Image: biggrin.png]

1.) Same rules on the forums as in game. Set some solid rules that will be static across the forums and in the server tutorial.
  • Especially concerning ban-able rules.
2.) Tutorial room update. If you decide to change any rules or game play related info, make sure it’s updated in the server tutorial room.

3.) Give your mods more access to permissions required to moderate your servers discord server. I don’t recommend making this a separate mod job, as that would just be splitting up the moderation powers between to many people in your staff.

4.) Mines being empty. Introduce an auto mine reset function to go off at midnight and noon every day.
  • I’m aware that the mine should be reset on its own every time 20% of the ores are mined out (or something along those lines), but as long as that feature is not working then a 12 hour reset would be a good place holder.
5.) Publicly address glitch hot fixes. Create a vague public announcement addressing the players of the issues concerning ANY glitches that do not cause imminent harm to the server itself. (Example: The combat log door glitch.)

6.) Create incentive to complete the C parkour. Previously I believe it rewarded one diamond, per player, every 24 hours. This is GREAT motivation for players (especially younger ones) to come back a second or third day, and play the server again to get a diamond sword, pickaxe or axe. The more ways to create instant motivation for C ranked players to come back for 2-3 days at the start, the better. 2-3 days is more then enough time for even a young player to rank to B and feel involved enough to stay driven and committed to the server.

7.) Lack of guards and guard activity. Hire more prison guards, even if they are just Trainee Guards. I have not once seen the only current prison guard online. Guards represent a LARGE part of the risk/reward factor on the server. 99% of the time I see players who are online running around in full iron and diamond armor with no fear of loosing it. ALSO, any already involved players who are online, and have an itch for PvP, will immediately kit up and kill new players when they join, with no punishment. The new player then just leaves the server as a result and doesn’t come back. (I even went as far as to check my stored game logs to see if there was a chat message showing any guards logging on.)

8.) Active empowered staff. Bring on someone who can better enforce the rules while admins are away. Someone with perms over a Mod (maybe a Head Mod or Warden?). For example, if someone joined and was using x-ray on the mines, new players won’t want to sit around waiting for x-rayed mines to be manually reset. And then just x-raiyed again before they can get to it. There needs to be some active staff role that prevents this abuse. (This staff member should have access to "/gamemode spectator" and the "/ban" functions. Maybe be able to check and see who last modified a certain block as well.)

9.) Staff and emotion based decisions. Again, this is not meant to batter staff. Just a reminder to all staff NOT to allow personal emotions sway your decision making and situation handling capabilities. This is what brought the server down in the past. It closed due to a lack of funding, but the committed player base faded due to staff members allowing personal emotion and agendas effect their decisions.

10.) Addressing the overall appearance of the discord server. Spruce up the Discord server! Right now it looks like something I’d make for me and a few friends to use temporarily. Create VIP discord perks, a market chat, a suggestion chat, invite a support ticket system bot to allow mods easier offline access to players issues. Discord was published in May of 2015 and Mumaus never got to take proper advantage of it. It’s an AWESOME platform with great promotion, organization and hype building capabilities. There legit used to be staff Skype group calls and chats for guards and mods and whatnot, look at how far we've come with the tools at our fingertips today.

11.) The home website page and what people first see. Maybe use the same glossed over background from the forums page on the home website page and spruce it up a bit? Right now if I saw the website and never played the server before I wouldn’t feel attracted to actually look further into the forums or even connect to the server itself.

12.) Purchasable in game money. Not a massive fan of the purchasable in game economy. It has the potential to create a monopoly that will discourage players from even attempting to rise through the prison ranks / seek a foothold in the server economy system for themselves.

13.) Tweak the anti-cheat system. People get kicked a LOT for mining with any pickaxes that have any level of efficiency enchantment on them.

14.) Endstone in B VIP? In the B VIP shop you can sell endstone but not sandstone. Probably change that or add sandstone.

15.) Revisit the prices of the server shops items. It doesn’t make sense that pork is more expensive in VIP then it is in the regular server C shop. (There are more issues like this between server shops)

16.) Finishing the VIP shops. Re-adjust the VIP shop items and attempt to at least open the E VIP shop section, if not both E and F.

17.) More set up plots. Finnish setting up more plots in C2 and C3. C1s are almost gone, and there aren't a ton of C2 and C3 plots setup yet.

18.) Update ad material. Update the photos used in the Mumaus server ads and don’t use a texture pack when taking them, especially since there is no server texture-pack offered.

19.) Show staff on the forums. Update the “Show Team” tab on the forums to show all active members of the servers staff. 20.) "/qb toggle". Advertise the command "/qb toggle" somewhere in/near spawn or in the tutorial room. A lot of people end up having to ask others how to turn it off. It is a lot of really helpful information, just a lot to see all of the time.

21.) Fix the C player shops.
Include two blocks space above the C player shops, (instead of the current one block space) so to allow players to provide an explanation on what they are selling. (Like enchanted pickaxes and what they are enchanted with.)

Server Signs:

Correct grammar and information goes a long way to set a professional impression on the more mature players. Here is a list of some places I found that have signs or server messages that could use improvement.
  • (X:124, Y:69, Z:240) (Server tutorial room) (4th line) Change to: “and what not to.” X
  • (X:130, Y:70, Z:240) (Server tutorial room) (2nd line) Change to: “in the prison”
  • (X:110 Y:68 Z:233) (Server tutorial room) (1st line) Change to: “later on in the”
  • (X:91 Y:70 Z:257) (Server tutorial room) (1st line) Change to: “Shops are the”
  • IMPORTANT (X:91 Y:69 Z:257) (Server tutorial room) (entire sign) Remove it. Info is not correct.
  • IMPORTANT (X:90 Y:69 Z:257) (Server tutorial room)  (entire sign) Remove it. Info is not correct.
  • IMPORTANT (X:85 Y:70 Z:257) (Server tutorial room) (entire sign) Remove for now. Not an active feature.
  • IMPORTANT (X:85 Y:69 Z:257) (Server tutorial room) (entire sign) Remove for now. Not an active feature.
  • IMPORTANT (X:85 Y:68 Z:257) (Server tutorial room) (entire sign) Remove for now. Not an active feature.
  • (X:88 Y:69 Z:235) (Server tutorial room) (2nd line) Change to: “to store your”
  • IMPORTANT (X:72 Y:68 Z:236) (Server tutorial room) (4th line) “/guardapp” doesn’t work right now. Maybe this can be added back?
(SIDE NOTE) - Add back the example guard in the tutorial room, or change the display so it doesn’t feel incomplete.
  • IMPORTANT (X:43 Y:69 Z:234) (Server tutorial room) (entire sign) “/shop help” doesn’t work right now. Maybe this can be added back? Create a forum page explaining player shops in detail and link it?
  • IMPORTANT (X:43 Y:68 Z:232) (Server tutorial room) (entire sign) The nether is currently disabled. This sign contains info for content that isn't currently actively offered.
  • IMPORTANT (X:43 Y:68 Z:231) (Server tutorial room) (entire sign) The nether is currently disabled. This sign contains info for content that isn't currently actively offered.
  • IMPORTANT (X:43 Y:68 Z:230) (Server tutorial room) (entire sign) The nether is currently disabled. This sign contains info for content that isn't currently actively offered.
  • IMPORTANT (X:59 Y:69 Z:240) (Server tutorial room) (1st and 2nd line) The VIP tree farm in no longer spruce. It is now oak. Incorrect info.
  • IMPORTANT (X:59 Y:68 Z:238) (Server tutorial room) (3rd line) The MobArena is disabled and not currently offered feature. It shouldn't be advertised for purchase.
(This is all I could find for the time being in regards to server signs. I will update this post if I find more.)
~ Zip_Z ~
Discord: Zip_Z#9431

"/balancetop" (/baltop) is also not working at the moment.

Also, make it easier to find the guard applications link. Maybe be adding back the "/guardapp" command and linking the guard app thread ( to it.

What the only current guard app message reads. Pulled from my game logs.:
[23:28:35] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] » Journal: Want to become a prison guard? Submit an application! Visit for more info
~ Zip_Z ~
Discord: Zip_Z#9431

Fix the bug that resets your balance to $0.

Cases Recorded Post The Time of This Report:
Case 1:

All of these points you've said Zip_Z are mostly true and I highly agree with you.

Let's just hope they do get addressed to the admins.

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