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Guard Guidebook

[Image: mps_guards.jpg]
Guards are a special member of the prison population, although they too are trapped inside. They are considered the authorities in the prison. PRISONERS MUST RESPECT GUARDS!

Guards are responsible for enforcing the rules of the prison, and for generally attempting to keep the peace and protect other prisoners from harm.

They also earn an hourly salary for their service. Guards may earn their freedom just as prisoners can.

Guards may purchase kits of armor to protect themselves and ensure order is maintained in the prison. They may also access all areas of the prison.

There are three types of guards:

Trainee-Guard: These are new guards who have few additional powers beyond regular prisoners. They are responsible for teaching new players the rules and helping others. After a few weeks of Trainee Guard duty, an Elite-Guard may promote a trainee to a Patrol-Guard at their discretion, or return a trainee to the prison population. Trainee-guards may not jail others, but may purchase armor kits to protect themselves and others from harm. Because they are guards in training, trainee-guards may only access B and C-blocks of the prison.

Patrol-Guard: These are "full" guards, and have all the commands available to their duties in full. They are responsible for enforcing the prison rules, as well as training trainee-guards. Patrol-guards may imprison those who are breaking the prison rules. They may be fired by Elite-guards for not doing their job. Patrol-guards have full access to A-Block.

Elite-Guard: High skilled ones, are responsible for administration over other guards in addition to regular guard duties. Elite-guards have the ability to promote, demote and even fire other guards as well.

Chief-Guard: Selected by Wardens only, the CGs are responsible to look up over all the hired guards, and keep the prison under control and peace. Chief Guards are the only ones with the ability to hire new players as Trainee-Guards.

[Image: mps_guard_rules.jpg]
Guard status is a privilege granted at the preference of Wardens. It may be taken away at any time for any reason. To keep your position as a guard, you are expected to follow rules outlined below.
  • You may not kill others without reason. Your job is to protect prisoners, not kill them. If you abuse PVP for your own gain, you may be demoted to a common prisoner, or worse!
  • If a prisoner is found to have a sword or armor, you may ask them to turn over their items by using the countdown command. Although this is not usually a jailable offense, you may use your discretion to jail repeat offenders (recommended jail time: 5 minutes).
  • Use the magic word “Potato” somewhere in your guard application to prove you have read these rules.
  • Jail a player using the command /jail [PlayerName] [TimeInMinutes] to jail players. Only Patrol and Elite Guards may put others in jail.
  • Guards may use their own best judgment in cases where rules are not defined. However, they must bear in mind that the purpose of their job is to protect prisoners, not persecute them. Guards should be role models, not villains!

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