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Changelog 1/9/2020

Whew! It's been a crazy launch week over here at Mumau's Prison, and we're not done yet! Re-balancing has been nearly completed, bringing the server into a new era of non-OPness.

REMINDER: Possessing lava and/or water in ANY form within the prison walls is a punishable offence. Using an Alternative Account in any form will result in a perm-ban on the alt and a punishment on your main account.

On to the changelog!


  • Pushing players with your body is now disabled
  • Added journal announcements
  • Re-balanced all mines
  • Added Nautilus Shell to B-Block fishing shop
  • Enchanting now takes more levels (for example, instead of 3, it will take 30)
  • Anvils are disabled until further notice (should be back within a week from this post)
  • Grinders are disabled permanently 
  • Re-balanced fishing, drops will only include leather and fish from now on.
  • Improvements to the chat plugin (when someone says your name in chat, it will light up pink :D)
  • Chat filter added - NOTE: Intentionally bypassing the filter is a punishable offence.
  • Access to the VIP block is now available for purchase:
  • FIXED: Join message will appear twice when new players spawn
  • FIXED: Dollar signs ($) couldn't be used in chat.

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