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Warning (s) Appeal

Warning: Extortion
By: BraedenofRhea

• Extortion
Definition: When one player attempts to blackmail another player into paying them off, so they won't report them for something.
Punishment: A warning.  If the player successfully extorted money, 2x what was gained should be revoke by an Admin.
Notes: This rule is not often broken

Reason(s): Extortion, Attempted Extortion.

Reasoning: Unclear/Not Present

My Side:  I was exploring the prison, and went to venture out to the old market stalls to see them.  As I was walking, I noticed there was a chicken in the forested area.  I walked up to it, and seen that it had buddies with it around there.  So I kept walking along and continued exploring the market area.  Pretty soon, BraedenofRhea demanded I show him where the chickens were.  I refused.  Last thing I want is a dead chicken on my conscience because of his lust for killing and bullying prisoners.  So I said No.  Then I told him if he pays me 15k, I'll show him where I seen some chickens.  According to the definition on the enforcement protocal, I didn't blackmail another player, and wasn't in jeapordy of being reported for anything.  All that happened was I seen some chickens at the market, and just kept walking along to explore the area.

I didn't glitch anyting.  I didn't exploit any bugs.  I didn't blackmail another player.  I didn't break ANY server rules.

What I would like to be done:  My warning removed immediately.  BraedenofRhea demoted/kicked off of staff.  I feel like I was singled out and abused.
If this appeal is denied: I'd like an explanation of why my warning is legitimate, and what server rule(s) I broke...
[Image: PaWAC5F.png][Image: IkoJFbF.png]

Accepted. The warn has been removed.

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