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Mumau's Prison Guidebook

[Image: mps_rules.jpg]
Mumau’s Prison is a place where the swine who practice total noobery are locked up for life, and can only acquire freedom through hard work in the mines!
Players may work for and sell items in stores in order to earn money. That money may then be used to purchase ranks, the highest of which is freedom.

Free members of our server may build in the wilderness and enjoy a happy life, knowing they’ve served their time!

Prisoners are confined to specific “prison blocks” or pre-defined areas, wherein they have the privileges listed on the Ranks page. All privileges are cumulative, meaning that a higher-ranking prisoner has permission to do all things available to their group, as well as all things available to lower ranks.

NOTE: This server is unlike other Minecraft servers on which you have played! BE SURE you read all of these rules pages, as they contain valuable tips on using our commands, as well as the standard of behavior to which you will be held. If you don't read these rules, you may not have a pleasant prison experience!

If you have any questions, you may ask a guard or warden in game, or post a question on the forum.

[Image: mps_prisoner_rules.jpg]
Bannable Rules: These are rules that help keep our server running properly. If you are caught breaking them, you will be banned from using the server outright.
  • No Hacks, modified clients (e.g. "Nodus"), etc. We have a zero-tolerance policy on these, so don't even think about using them!
  • No abusing glitches to enter restricted areas. Please report glitches on the forums.
  • No water buckets, lava buckets, flint and steel, or other harmful items.
  • No building player-created stores outside of the courtyard areas and the black market.
  • No smuggling goods from the “free” world back into prison.
Prison Rules (Not bannable): These are the rules of the prison. Prison guards may enforce these rules. If you are found to be in violation, a guard may put you in a temporary jail cell for a given period of time. Guards may punish you for as long as they’d like, although they will follow these guidelines. Abusive guards should be reported on our web site’s forums.
  • No weapons or armor: These include swords, bows and arrows and all armor types. If you are caught by a guard with these, they will give you to the count of “5” to drop them. Repeat offenders may be jailed at the guards’ discretion!
  • No harmful potions: These include Instant-Damage and Poison potions. If you are caught by a guard, you must drop them. Although other potions are allowed, such as Fire Resistance or Swiftness.
  • PVP: PVP is allowed on the server, and is active in various areas. If you are caught PVPing by a guard, he will kill one or both participants on sight. In dramatic cases, guards may jail prisoners for excessive PVP. (5-10 minutes max).
  • GUARDS MUST CATCH THE PARTY COMMITTING A CRIME IN ORDER TO ENACT PUNISHMENT! If someone is not visibly seen by a guard breaking a prison rule, it does not count. So, don't tattle!
  • You will not get your stuff back when killed by another player or guard. So don't ask!
  • Excessive begging is considered a jailable offense, and guards may do so if you're being annoying! Don't ask for money/items from other prisoners, guards or wardens. In general, try to be respectful and not beg or nag anyone.
  • Caps/bad language are not allowed. Please refrain from using racist, sexist or generally offensive language. Guards may mute you, jail you or, in extreme cases, ban you for breaking this rule.
  • Disrespect of guards or wardens is strictly prohibited. If you excessively disrespect authorities on the server, you may be muted, jailed or banned.
[Image: mps_ranks.jpg]
As you play the game you will earn money. You may use the money to purchase additional "ranks" in the game. Each rank has its own set of privileges and areas in which that rank can travel.

Type /rankup in-game in order to achieve the next rank. You will only be able to rank up if you have the required amount of money, as listed below.

C-Prisoner (You start the game like this):
  • Access to courtyard, where you can buy plots of land to build a home.
  • Ability to mine for and sell iron, coal, stone and wood in mining areas.
  • Access to stores where you can sell items acquired in C-Block.
  • Ability to rent temporary lockers to quickly store your stuff while mining.
B-Prisoner (Cost: $15,000):
  • Ability to rent temporary cells in B-Block for a smaller fee than the purchase of a Courtyard plot.
  • Access to B-Block’s Spleef Arena, where you can earn even more money.
  • Access to the fishing area.
  • Ability to mine gold, lapis lazuli and endstone in new mining areas.
  • Access to stores where you can sell items acquired in B-Block.
  • Create your own stores to sell stuff to the other players.
A-Prisoner (Cost: $35,000):
  • Ability to rent larger cells than those found in B-Block.
  • Access to the Nether.
  • Ability to mine redstone and diamond in new mining areas.
  • Access to a totally customized Parkour area.
Elite Prisoner (Cost: $60,0000):
  • Access to the Elite Prisoner casino! Earn money with slot machines.
  • Access to colored wool mine.
  • Access to the Elite Prisoner mall, where you can find a lot of different items to be bought and sold.
  • Access to the Elite Observatory. See the freedom!!!
Free (Cost: $100,000):
  • You’re finally free! Leave the prison and build freely in the world!
  • Enjoy all the perks of previous ranks.
  • Form Factions outside of the prison to protect your territory, and fight other factions.
  • Come back and visit your friends in jail.
[Image: mps_earning_money.jpg]
There are a wide variety of ways to earn money in Mumau’s Prison. These include the items listed below, and may include other ways in the future.
  • Mine: Get to work in various mines and lumber mills! As you rank up, higher-ranking cell blocks have newer and better mines.
  • Play games: Prisoners have access to various games, such as a spleef arena, parkour courses and a casino, with which you may earn money!
  • Guard Salaries: Guards will earn a reasonable hourly wage for their service. Protect prisoners, and you will earn money for your good deeds!
  • Buy/sell plots of land: All plots in the Courtyard may be bought and sold. Be a savvy real-estate investor, and you could turn a profit!
  • Create stores: As an B-Prisoner, you may create stores to sell your wares.
  • Vote for our server by typing /vote in game and you’ll earn $1200 per 24-hour period.
[Image: mps_shopping.jpg]
There are various shops through the prison. Some are owned by the prison, while others are player-owned.

Shops are identifiable as signs with chests below them.

When you find one, left-click on the sign to purchase the item for the specified price, and right-click the sign to sell your items for the specified price.

Holding down shift (sneaking) while left/right-clicking will buy or sell a full stack of items. Note: Be careful when using Shift-Click on shops! You will NOT be reimbursed for accidentally buying or selling a stack of items when you only intended to buy or sell a single item!

You may create shops as a B-Prisoner.

To learn how to create a shop, follow this link.

[Image: mps_cells_blackmarket.jpg]
In B-Block and in higher areas, as well as in the blackmarket, you will find various areas where you can rent cells in order to store items, as well as to set up shops.

To rent a cell or blackmarket shop, right click on the "FOR RENT" sign next to it. You will have full ownership and full protection in your cell for the duration of your rental period.

The blackmarket is off-limits for guards, so you can safely sell contraband in that area buy renting a sell and setting up shops. You may also use the blackmarket as a cheap area to store chests, etc. Beware: the blackmarket is PVP-enabled!

List of contraband:
  • Weapons (swords, bows and arrows);
  • Armors;
  • Harmful potions (Poison);
  • Drugs (Red mushrooms and Ghast Tears).
[Image: mps_mines.jpg]
There are various types of mines throughout the prison. As you attain higher-level access to the prison you will have access to additional mines, which will make it easier and more fun to earn money as you progress.

Mines will be occasionally regenerated. They may only be regenerated by Wardens or Admins. If a Warden or Admin is on and a mine is depleted, POLITELY ask a Warden or Admin to reset it. Make sure it’s truly depleted, as they will only be reset if they are mostly depleted.

[Image: mps_courtyard.jpg]
The prison features several courtyards, in which players may buy plots of land. These may be used to build homes. Prices for the plots are listed on signs around the plots. Right-click the "FOR SALE" signs around plots in order to purchase them.

Purchased plots are protected from destruction by others, and doors and chests are protected as well.

B-Prisoners will be able to sell items in player-created stores. The courtyard is a perfect area for such stores, given its high traffic.

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